The website lists George’s Greek Cafe in Long Beach and Lakewood to be gluten friendly so I gave the Lakewood location a call.

Interestingly, one of the people in management has just been diagnosed with celiac so I was able to get the inside scoop on this popular Greek restaurant.

Basically, the gyros and the salad dressing contain a minuscule amount of gluten as well as most of the meats and salad options since all of these items include their specialty Greek seasoning.

I loved the honesty of the person I talked to who was good enough to be very clear that their Greek seasoning does contain a tiny amount of gluten at less than 1%. For me, that little bit makes a big difference and the only way I can dine at George’s Greek Cafe is to order everything without any seasoning -what’s the fun in that!

For the sensitives like myself, I can order meats from the menu by asking for meats without the seasoning (don’t try this at the downtown location as they are too busy there). I will also not be able to have a salad there since their only salad dressing also contains the seasoning.

For those not so sensitive, just know that the beef and lamb gyros do contain bread crumbs and the chicken gyros do not. Still, all the gyros do have their Greek seasoning so order with that in mind.

One more thing-if you are planning at dining at any one of the 3 locations of George’s Greek Cafe, you can ask for their list of items on the menu that do contain gluten. They will gladly provide you with this list (or so I am told) so that you can eliminate what you cannot eat and perhaps find something that will not give you a gluten reaction.

As for me, I will stick to the one place I know that I can eat the gyros and salad dressing…..see my post about my favorite local Greek food establishement, Chicken Dijon.

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