Vons Grocery Store Has Gluten Free Items

Since my last post, I have been digging around in more grocery stores in Long Beach, CA (not to be confused with Long Beach, NY :)

I found that there is a grocery store that does have several aisles dedicated to alternative and healthy foods.

The Vons in Bixby Knolls on Atalantic (4550 Atlantic Avenue to be precise) has several aisles to the far left when entering the store. These aisles are beyond the deli section.

In these aisles they have several gluten free items including crackers, soups, salad dressings, noodles, cookies, and a few other items. This is also where I can find my organic canned goods.

Also, this Vons has a dedicated section of the produce area for organic produce.¬† Somehow, I missed this but a friend told me to look again and it is there. Find it in the middle of the produce section on it’s own island of produce.

The produce is in good shape and not so very overly priced. It is the only place in town where I can find fresh organic berries. Not even Wholefoods or Trader Joes has fresh organic berries this time of year.

I haven’t tried any other Vons stores but when I get around to a different area of Long Beach/Lakewood/Signal Hill, I’ll take a look and report back.

In the meantime,
Eat Well!

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