Is the Islands Restaurant @ Long Beach Towne Center on Carson and the 605 a safe to eat for us sensitive celiacs?

Well, at this point, I can tell you that their Cheddar Cheese Fries ordered WITHOUT spices are most definitely safe.

Turns out that they do use a dedicated fryer for their fries so that was a good start. Then, I ordered without spices to be sure since one can never know about those spices.

No reaction so that was a good decision on my part. Now, I know I can eat their regular fries as well (just so long as I order without their spices).

I haven’t eaten anything else there, yet, but the do have a gluten free printout for you when you go to the restaurant…but beware, with limited choices and no guarantee they will not cross-contaminate, I cannot recommend Islands . Learn more hereā€¦..

If you find other Islands across the state, just make sure you order without spices unless you are adventurous. Do that and be sure you tell your waitstaff that you are gluten intolerant and want things cooked separately from other items and you might be okay. Good luck!

Happy eating!

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