While researching local gluten free restaurants online in the Long Beach CA area, you might come across this link:

Or do a search on for “gluten-free” and you will get a list of restaurants that might appear to be somewhere new to dine GF in the Long Beach area.

But, I just have to warn you that you cannot rely on the accuracy of the restaurants listed on either of these sites.

I spent an afternoon researching and calling each restaurant listed on these two restaurant review sites as “gluten-free friendly” on urbanspoon or found under the search for “gluten-free” at yelp.

To my dismay, I found that only approximately 20% of the restaurants listed on these two review sites were actually even aware of what gluten intolerant meant.

I really loved it when I called KAVIKAS Grill & Bar (listed on urbanspoon as “gluten-free friendly”) and the person answering the phone did not even know what the word, gluten meant and kept trying to tell me that they have a kid-friendly menu.

Same for Frontier Burgers….I talked to a manger there and they have no clue what gluten is, let alone what it means to have gluten-free items on their menu.

To their credit, urbanspoon did remove the above 2 restaurants above from the ‘gluten-free friendly’ list once they saw my comments that I posted that exposed these restaurants as GF frauds.

As for, I think that it is the technology that is at fault on Just the mention of gluten in the reviews puts the site on the list but that does not mean the restaurant is gluten free…only that someone used that word in some way other than gluten-free in their comments.

See my review on Claim Jumper (don’t go there) at

As for urbanspoon….I don’t know how the restaurants get on the list. They need to check a box that says, ‘gluten-free friendly’ and it could be that as the trend increases, restaurants will just check the box to get on the list even if they are not even aware of what gluten intolernace or celiac disease is all about.

To be better informed, I suggest that you return often to this website. As I eat around town (I am currently working my way through ‘gluten-free friendly’ restaurants listed on urbanspoon that I called and seem like they might be safe), I will report back on the restaurants you can truly count on since I am extremely sensitive. If I can eat there, then so can any celiac or gluten intolerant diner.

Stay tuned for more personal reviews!

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